Weather in Sicily

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Sicily Weather

The Sicilian climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and winters which are mild with light rainfall. Sicilian winter is short and lasts only between December and February, but the summer season can often seem long as Spring and Autumn continue with warm temperatures and long hours of sunlight. The island's warm climate and almost total absence of frost allows Sicily to grow an abundance of crops including citrus and olive trees, prickly-pears, watermelons and wine-making grapes.

The climate of the island varies a great deal according to a resorts proximity to the larger mountains and distance from the sea. The finest weather is usually found around the coast as inland and in the larger cities the climate can be very hot and humid.

The southern and western coasts are situated closest to Africa and are therefore have the highest temperatures and the Scirocco which is a hot wind that comes from the North African deserts.

Average temperatures in Sicily range from 35°C in the summer months on July and August to 10°C during the winter. October still offers warm and sunny days, and rainfall occurs mostly during the winter - mostly in November, December and January.

One of the best ways of exploring Sicily and seeing unspoilt areas off the beaten track is to hire a car. If you are in Italy during the hot and humid summer months then you should certainly consider hiring a vehicle with air conditioning.

Weather in Sicily

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